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Buddy Club Application Form

Please be advised that we endeavour to process application forms within 48 hours

Does your child have any medical conditions?*
Does your child have additional needs?*
Does your child have any allergies, including food allergies?*
Does your child follow a vegan or vegetarian diet?*
I give consent for Buddy Club staff to administer first aid*
Due to GDPR Regulations 2016, please confirm that all contacts have given permission to the school to hold their data for the purpose of secondary emergency contact*
Please confirm that all persons named who can collect your child, have given consent due to GDPR, for school to hold their data for the purposes of school pick up arrangements*
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Buddy Club*
I have read and understood the allergen information for Buddy Club*
I understand that I will need to access my Schoolgateway online account, make payments and book sessions in advance*