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Parent Questionnaire

What our Parents/Carers said:

My daughter transferred to Canford Heath a few months ago and she has completely changed she is so much happier, confident and her attitude is fantastic I cannot praise Canford Heath more. I'm so pleased

I just love our school so much. You really do put the children first and my child is just so happy. For a little boy who struggles with feeling anxious a lot of time, he NEVER feels like this in school. He feels loved, valued and safe. Thank you for all you do!!

I think the resources provided throughout the various lockdowns and the weekly contact from the school was brilliant. You can't be faulted in any way for the amount of effort that has been put in to the education for the children.

We’re so impressed with the school and how they have managed the last year.

Cannot recommend CHIS highly enough. My daughters have excelled here. One lost a lot of pre-school education time, and was naturally more behind than maybe others were, being a summer baby, Covid closures and is still at the expected marks across the spectrum. Thank you! From not being able to stand up in front of her class to do a show and tell at the beginning of the year, to last week dancing on the pavilions stage. Thank you for bringing out the best in our girl. Eternally grateful.

We love the ‘sparkly starters’ to get the children enthused about their topic. Lots of fun activities to keep them engaged.

I would like to show my appreciation to all the teachers for providing stability in a very unpredictable world this last year. You have all worked amazingly hard to provide our children with the care, support and education required to ensure mental, physical and emotional well-being.

People think working for the NHS makes us hero’s but I truly feel all your staff are the unsung heroes in my eyes, for all that you have done for our children future learning we salute you

I think the school and staff have been amazing throughout this incredibly difficult time. Despite all the additional measures and changes that have had to be put in place, they have always put the children's needs first and ensured that the high level of education is maintained whilst ensuring the children feel safe during the worrying time of the pandemic. I feel very lucky that my son attends such a wonderful school!

This academic year has bought many challenges and our daughter has continued to be very happy and always looking forward to going to school, she has made excellent progress and it’s all thanks to a fantastic team and her class teacher.

My son transferred to the school - a tough decision for us but one we instantly knew was a good decision - he settled in quickly, happily and has shown great resilience and adapted to a new way of learning in a short space of time. We feel that is a reflection on the excellent teaching class he was welcomed into.  He looks forward to attending every day and also thoroughly enjoys Breakfast club too.

This school and its teachers/all staff have gone above and beyond during the last crazy 2 years. Thank you for being there for the children.

Huge shout out to the Pastoral Care team who have been so supportive and kind with E. and helping us as a family

Very impressed with all aspects of the school so far. Have been supportive with my daughter’s medical needs, very on top of her well-being. My daughter has really flourished this year very proud of her and her teachers with all they’ve been up against

Brilliant school.

Extremely happy with the school! Amazing staff and my son is well looked after. Thank you!!

I think all of the staff have been amazing within the school to support the children. This year has been my daughters first and with the pandemic did not turn out as we had planned but the staff have all worked hard to make sure she was still able to succeed. The teaching staff have been amazing with still supporting children but also with keeping us as parents updated with progress even when face to face situations could not happen. A big thank you is owed to the Pastoral team and Medical officer in our case for all of the ongoing support and adjustments made for my daughter in her first year at the school. I am also thankful for the support to given to myself as a parent during the pandemic.

I would like to thank the school for how well they have coped over the last 15 months.

I would also like to add the school and staff have always been so helpful when it came to my daughters struggles with coming in and when she was poorly.

I think the teachers and school should be incredibly proud with how they have dealt with the ever-changing demand on them during the pandemic! We understand that you will never please everyone and it shouldn't be underestimated the time and dedication you continue to put into trying to get it right for us all.

The school has done amazingly well to deal with the impact of the pandemic and lessen the impact on the children.

Was extremely pleased and grateful with the support of teachers and school while the children have been off due to the pandemic

Any issues related to the pastoral team is dealt with effectively and efficiently

Thank you so much for instilling a love of learning in my daughter. She absolutely loves school and is clearly thriving in the school environment.

My son had flourished in his first two years at chis. I couldn’t be happier with his development.

Every member of staff I have met has been fantastic and I am very happy and feel very privileged that my son can come to this school.

My daughter loves school so much, she has an excellent bond with her teachers and friends. Thank you for all your hard work and improving my daughter’s confidence. I can’t thank you enough.